current projects
Independant front suspension
ford pop build
v8mini build

its nearly here.
quit the garage now for the last 1 1/4 days of 06.
need a break and a fresh start for the new year.
loads to do though.
finish wives car
finish mates chop
finish my scoot
start someone elses car
knock down internal garage walls so i can use the whole of the garage as a workshop.
may even get to start the car below.
its been sat neglected in the garage for a few months now.
first two pics are how it is now.
bottom pic is how it will look with a roof chop.
hopefully this will happen if i can find someone to make me a smaller windscreen.please mail if you know where i can get this done




also to do if i remember is to put a few more old projects up.
think theres around 30 or so that ive built for folks but i never used to bother takin photo,s.
could be a busy year.