trabant 2004

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Independant front suspension
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the saga continues,,,,,

bloody hell...its sept already and ive neglected this site for a long time.trabbi did get fully dry built(minus a couple of odd brackets but like a true pro i didnt take any photos.
life also kinda got in the way.bird moved in.finished the extention and also got wed in loverly detroit.luckily the wife likes cars and has got herself a 33/34 ford vicky for me to build for her.will post a picture up once ive un buried from the darkest depths of the garage.did have a clear out and also found me old ford pop.amazing what shit you can hide in the shed.
anyway photo,s of the build up,,,
now its been sprayed the fun part of putting it back together begins.now i figure im a dumb twat cause i never take notes then wonder where the hell everything goes.this project is the same.got aroung 15 crates of bits to go on yet i cant remember which order it all goes.
inside showing new dash,fuse box and red ignition box thingy.one day i figure i might learn what all the bits are ,,but then again  maybe not.all the soundproofings been done,headliners in and im slowly bolting other bits in.
all the wirings in ready for the ends to be stuck to whatever they need to be stuck to.


rear end. the much narrowed ford 9" powder coated along with the four bars.had a fair few bits powdercoated as it was cheap and easier than spraying.just waiting for the 3rd member to be rebuilt then that can be bolted in.

wifes new toy