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On this page I'll show you the build up of my 5 litre v8 trabant and on the parts page ill list as much as possible,all the bits that are needed for such a project,as a lot are relevant no matter what car youre building





mocking up


front strut jig and lower arm assembly


this is my latest project.it was started in the summer of 2001 and it should be done by the summer of 2003.
its a bit ambitious for me as ive never played around with cars befor so everythings new.its being built by myself ,but with help from people over the internet,who very kindly are showing me the right way(hopefully)to build a car from scratch.
progress is slow as it seems i do one thing on it and then spend ages trying to source parts and bits that fit.
the idea is to have the engine taken out to about 5.6 ltr and with about 380-400 bhp.i decided to limit that as its gonna be a street car and that amount of power in a plastic car is gonna be more than enough.
the body is having nothing done to it exept the tailgate is gonna hinge of the roll cage as the originals fell off.
body colour is staying the lovely shade of green as im not into paintwork so its pointless having it sprayed.
engine roughly in place and front struts and one of the oil coolers fitted.
lower arms were tricky as the car is narrow.had to kick in the chassis rails at the front,(but still leaving room for the starter motor) to make the arms as long as possible.
it had to happen.having had the rad made,it now posses a problem.cant get the rad cap to sit higher than the water inlet on the engine,as it hits the bonnet.the engine wont go any lower without speedhumps trying to rip the sump off.only one thing for it,and thats raise the body up 1 to 11/2"  to get the clearance.out with the grinder again!!!

pt 2