v6 escort

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got this stock mk1 at the end of 2001 as a cheap runner round so i didnt have to tidy my daily driver.
one owner from new,years ticket,70,000 miles,250.
cheap motoring.
no plans to do anything to it exept run it into the ground.
dunno what came over me when i bought this but i started to wash it.no big deal.well it is,if you havnt washed a vehicle since 1990.
got 3/4 of the way through it and realising what id done,headed straight for the garage for therapy.cant believe i wasted a couple of hours of my life doing that.
never again

8/9/02 well i ran it into the ground so the auto box gave up.
decided it needed a little extra so in its place is going an injected 2.9 v6.


about 5 1/2 weeks into this now and its coming on ok.engine and box are in,capri steering,struts,servo fitted,header tank,rad,oil cooler,exhaust,trans tunnel,bulkhead,remote oil filter,mondeo wheels,towbar,xr3i seats,pedals are all done.
still got to do rear rust repairs,strut tops on inner wings,heater,centre consul,electrics,tank and strip it all down again to paint and underseal it.




finally got back into it after a bit of a layoff.
finished all the rusty stuff including strut tops and strut bits on inner wings.
made centre consul with cd player and extra gauges.
painted engine bay a lovely green shade of hammerite.
moved alternater over to other side of engine which meant i had to relocate the oil filter yet again.
all thats left is to rebuild all the mechanical side of things with new bearings,bushes,brakes ect ect and bolt it back together again.
wishful thinking says it should be done for easter.
which easter i havnt decided!!!!!


13/3/03 engine bay finished.car runs,but waiting for mate to finish wiring.should be on the road in 5 weeks


the end.car went through the mot with flying colours a  week ago.couple of small problems.fuel pump had to be remounted and the props in to be changed from a two piece to a one piece.
other than that it runs silky smooth.